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Weston is a tranquil and suburban community on the western boundary of Broward County, Florida located about 27 miles northwest of Miami. Arvida/JMB Partners built most of Weston, which was established in 1996.

As of April 0f 2005, this affluent community had a population of 61,042 residents. Money Magazine ranked Weston as 20th of the 25 American cities with highest incomes and 18th of the cities with the largest job growth rates in the U.S.

Weston is mainly comprised of exceptionally designed and constructed gated and non-gated communities. A majority of the homes here are owner-occupied, but recently there has been a boom in housing construction. Many of the families here are married and have children. Property and violent crime rates here are low, adding to the fact that this is a child-friendly environment in which to raise a family. Property taxes here are a bit higher than most other cities, but as a result, schools and public services tend to be better. Although there are a myriad of sidewalks and bike paths throughout the city public transportation here is scarce.

Weston is ideally located near some excellent recreational opportunities as well as only about ten miles from the world famous beaches of Fort Lauderdale. Residents here enjoy golf, road and mountain biking, field sports and water sports. There are also athletic and recreation programs for younger children and seniors.

If you have been longing for a safe and prosperous community away from it all and at the same time access to major city centers such as Fort Lauderdale or Miami, then the Weston lifestyle is for you.

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