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isotretinoin overnight delivery By Fabio di Nero. New York, Sep 25 de 2011. Exclusive column for Axis Real Estate. If you believe in the old dictum of six degrees of separation, which by the way I don’t, we are just two degrees from a major financial catastrophe. Or in other words, very close to it. What it will take and why so close? The leaders in Europe and to some extent in the US, are not fully grasping the magnitude of the Greek problem. The euro has been designed with some flaws that in a serious recession are now coming to light. The member states have no mechanism to abandon it, there is no provision for defaults. All the members cheated seriously at one moment or another, yes inclusive Germany and France, so no one has a lot of moral standing to oblige others to comply, shrink fiscal deficits and fire thousand public employees and cut services to the rest of the population. The sad part is that now there is money to solve the problems, if it spills to Spain or Italy it could be too late. No default or devalue has even been orderly, this is basically the rupture of a promise between government and many different stakeholders. Have you ever heard of a rational divorce? The moment someone wakes up in Bilbao and reads in the papers that people in Greece cannot get money from the banks or that they euros in the bank have now been converted into devalued drachmas, they will go to the bank to get their euros out. The corralito and other Latin nightmares are just around the corner. In the meantime large and sophisticated investors are de-risking and de-leveraging portfolios. Some want to take money out of the financial system, like Siemens opening it’s own bank now with six billion euros of own capital. Siemens doesn’t want to give credit to Deutsche Bank to keep his checking account there. They and many others don’t want to keep too much money in the financial system. People for the first time in my thirty years as a banker are buying real gold, not just ETF or some contracts. They want the bars and to have them in an vault of their own control. As opposed to gold and other ideas like soybeans, oil, etc, real estate is something that you can price. It’s has a yield so it is easy to determine if it is cheap or expensive. Looking at Miami you see a lot of value around you. This is a place with an extended season, all American type services available and safe. More and more issues of safety and crime are not just a Latin monopoly. Now in places like Spain, Italy and France you can not own a second home without proper caretakers. Driving around in a fancy car without a care in the world is also becoming an issue in some jurisdictions in Europe. Thankfully not in Miami. And this goes into the thinking when buying a property here. Is not just the price per square feet and how close to the beach you are. For the international buyer is also peace of the place. The ability to own a dream car and drive around it without care. Not to speak about dressing as you like and not to hide from others or fears of being robbed. In the meantime, we are at two degrees of separation and I just hope that our leaders put their thoughts and houses in order. PS: in one of the great ironies of life, today Brazil once super critical to the IMF and it’s recipes of famine and squallor, who a few years back together with Argentina prepaid all obligations so no to comfort with any more visits from the pesky IMf missile, said in a statement that they are willing to lend 10 billion, yes you heard it well, to Europe on condition that goes though the auspices of the IMF. Ha ha. PS2 if you want more about possible solutions of the crisis I have some ideas and we can discuss them but I will need to make the short story long and get somewhat technical so I can make myself understood.

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