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Since 2005 the DDA has held many board, stakeholder and public workshops to better understand, and develop ideas to revitalize the downtown area of the soon-to-be “Epicenter” of the Americas. Fortunately for the citizens of this open and enthusiastic city, the folks at the DDA appear to be doing their homework correctly.

Projecting for 2025, the cities Downtown Development Authority (DDA) aspires to finalize several projects under the lens of development, all of which are intended to help the area flourish, and increase efficiency. As well as, establishing certain gateways, corridors, and roadways to help solve many of the physical issues’ that affect the community, inevitably affecting the economic and social predicaments.

One of the more visual and environmental projects is the “Aesthetics Master Plan.” Described by the DDA, “The Aesthetics Master Plan recognizes the impact that a well presented, visually attractive environment can have on the economic and social health of a community…” some additional development ideas include improvements to public spaces and reconstruction of beat down roads and highways. The DDA is striving to satisfy their beneficial role of making downtown Miami one of the most livable and pleasant urban centers in the nation and “strengthening its position as the Epicenter of the Americas… an international center for commerce, culture, and tourism.” Just south of downtown, on the land where the striking Miami skyline peacefully stands, the “Brickell Area Streetscape Implementation Guidelines” proposes improved street conditions to make public life more vibrant and fresh, in order to humbly increase the quality of life for its residents that so truly deserve it. After all it’s our taxes.

Another ingenious and exciting project worthy of mention is the Miami Bicycle Master Plan. The Bicycle Master Plan comprises of over 285 miles of inter-connected bicycle routes that when completed will provide a linkage of bike paths accessible to every resident within a quarter mile of where they live, work and play.

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