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A short-term rent can vary anywhere from one night to six months, and change depending on how many people visit and how the home will be used. During Short Term Rentals, the characteristics of the location are not lost, meaning they do not become commercial properties but rather that they remain residential properties. In other words, Short Term Renters are not hotel or hostel operators, but rather homeowners that open their home to anyone who wants to stay.

Individuals primarily offer short-term rentals at generally acceptable and fair prices. Most commonly, short-term rentals are charged at nightly, weekly or monthly rates and are usually discounted the longer the stay is. Short-term leases offer flexible living arrangements for those who need to have options in future housing, such as students, business executives transient residents who live in more than one city throughout the year, or anyone who wants to stay somewhere for a few days in a home. They have endless uses and applications.

Our goal in Short Term Renting is to give our customers the welcomed visit they want and deserve, and to stress their importance not only as our client but our friend. We strive to make them feel not like a visitor but a long-time resident, and an integrated part of the Axis team. As friends we like to ensure both comfort and freedom, in a speedy process, as well as knowledge of the city they may know nothing about. We understand the value time and money and as professionals we do not want to jeopardize that. We want our friends to enjoy themselves and their experiences to the fullest potential because that is how time and money should be spent.

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