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Morningside is a historic residential neighborhood located in Miami’s Upper Eastside. It overlooks Biscayne Bay and offers stunning views of the bay as well as convenient access to anywhere in Miami. The Morningside Historic District (officially known as the Bayshore Historic District) is bounded by NE 55th Street, Biscayne Boulevard, NE 60th Street and Biscayne Bay. It is comprised of more than 220 historic buildings and covers 900 acres.

Morningside got its start in 1924 thanks to the vision of the Bay Shore Investment Company and is probably one of the oldest surviving examples of the Land Boom-era suburbs that sprung up during the 1920s. It is a beautifully landscaped neighborhood comprised of charming homes and buildings built by over 40 different architects. Architectural styles in Morningside range from Mediterranean Revival and Art Deco, to Vernacular, Mission and Tudor revival. This diversity in architectural styles coupled with the quality of the lush landscaping makes Morningside one of the most scenic and coveted neighborhoods in Miami. Morningside truly is one of the last ‘true’ neighborhoods left in Miami.

These days, Morningside is a quiet neighborhood with broad boulevards that are ideal for strollers. Mature trees line the sidewalks providing plenty of shade from the south Florida sun and cool gentle breezes blow in from the bay. Amenities in Morningside include a guarded gate, Waterfront Park, tennis courts, a kid’s play area and a pool. Morningside is located just blocks from the Cushman School, a few miles from UM Medical Center and and only six minutes from the beach. The design district is also nearby offering wonderful shopping opportunities.

I personally love Morningside’s charm and its architectural styling. It is conveniently located near just about everything in Miami, yet it is a peaceful and tranquil community that is ideal for families with children.

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