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In early May of 2014, Microsoft Corp. announced that they had the vision and plan to open the first U.S.-based Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) later this spring. MIC’s are facilities that provide top notch resources and positive encouragement to any individual seeking any course of action. The state of the art technology and superb support teams are the basis of what will create this incentive to evolve fresh thoughts and talents into revolutionary ideas. The overall idea of the MIC is to not only help those who have access to it but it will provide an abundance of new jobs, it will accelerate the start up of new companies, it will facilitate collaboration within the diverse groups of the population and develop new ways in which to make our community better, healthier, cleaner, and more efficient.
Situated in Miami, Florida, this facility will be the first of a series of new Microsoft Innovation Centers to be established across the United States, and will also serve as the flagship technology center linking Miami to important commonwealth in the Latin American region.
“By building the center in the heart of Miami and making it available to the people, especially youth and students, we’re helping empower the city to become a more prosperous place to live and work,” said Sanket Akertar, Vice President of Developer & Patform Evangelism, Microsoft. The Miami MIC will specifically target four primary audiences, academia (students), Startups (entrepreneurs), Government and the local community as a whole (in addition to serving as the gateway to the Latin American Region).

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