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Miami Shores Village or The Village Beautiful as many of the locals refer to their beloved home is located approximately 6 miles northeast of Miami and 2 miles south of North Miami in Miami-Dade County, Florida. This charming beachside village is home to 10,195 year-round residents.


Miami Shores is an idyllic suburban village just outside the more metropolitan areas of Miami-Dade County. It affords residents and visitors alike remarkable views of the yachts and sailboats on scenic Biscayne Bay. Residents here love their small-town community and are active in its development while preserving its peace and charm. The local government is equally attentive to the needs of both residents and local businesses.

Miami Shores offers residents a wide variety of recreational opportunities to choose from, quaint shops and boutiques to browse and shop and its very own golf course and country club. That is a good thing when you consider that there are over 250 days of sunshine here every year.


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