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The volume of hotel transactions that closed in the US market in the first half of 2011 totaled $7.4 billion as reported by Jones Lang LaSalle Hospitality Division, increasing around 180% when compared to same period of the prior-year. The Hotel Investment Highlights Americas Report to be released end of August, tracks hotel transactions in excess of $10 million. When projected forward this figure is estimated to hit the 16 billion dollar mark by year end.

Institutional Investors are aggressively seeking for hotel opportunities and the REITs, (Real estate investment trusts), have been able to access the equity markets accounting for 45% of the acquisitions, and private equity funds have raised substantial amounts of capital reaching 25% of the instead. Debt markets are slower yet getting more active. All this combined is leading to a significant boost in the sector. However as compared to the market peak, there’s still a big gap. Volumes back then reached on excess of $30 billion in 2006 and almost $50 billion in 2007.

“Size matters” mentality is coming back, with 14 transactions in excess of 100 million completed so far in 2011. Single asset trades as opposed to portfolio trades, accounted for 90% of the volume transacted. The majority consisting of high-quality cash flowing assets, located in major metropolitan corridors.

The United States is still the leading country in the Americas, where 94% of the regional transaction occurs. Canada represents 4% of regional activity. Brazil was the third most liquid investment market in the region with $94 million in hotel transactions. Within the US, New York City is at the top of the list with $2.1 billion in transactions so far, with a forecast of $4 billion by the end of this year.

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