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Coconut Grove, or The Grove as residents refer to it, is located in northeast Miami-Dade County in sun-drenched south Florida. This splendid neighborhood stretches from the Biscayne Bay west to Le Jeune road and from N. Prospect Avenue north to Brickell Avenue.

Coconut Grove is the end result of its diverse population and many come from nearby neighborhoods and cities to enjoy the varied array of sidewalk cafes and restaurants serving a range of delectable fare from everywhere imaginable. Many come to shop in the various stores and boutiques in CocoWalk and Streets of Mayfair, two phenomenal open-air malls. While some come to The Grove to cycle or rollerblade along Vizcaya or spend a day exploring the various parks, forests and botanical gardens.

After dark, this vibrant village explodes with nightlife. College students from the nearby universities, visitors and residents alike stroll along the avenues while listening to the jazz, salsa, rumba and reggae playing in the coffee houses, bars and nightclubs. Some prefer to catch a play or musical at the Coconut Grove Playhouse.

If you are a fan of fine arts, do not miss the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. Now in its 44th year, this three-day arts festival is one of the finest outdoor arts festivals in the country. Every year more than 150,000 attend this festival to enjoy the works of over 330 of the most creative and talented artists in the world.

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