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“The Grove”, how the locals call it, dates back to just over a hundred years ago where Miami and its land was a vast wilderness.

Early on, with many diligent people living along the shores of Biscayne Bay, seeking refuge or enjoying from its unrivaled natural setting, the community of Coconut Grove came to be through a calm and efficient century of history and culture. In 1825 after the Cape Florida Lighthouse took shape and began its function, many of its keepers and their assistants would frequently cross over, along with salvagers of disabled ships, and mariners who were all addicted to the bubbling freshwater springs on the waterfront.

In 1873 one of the first known Coconut Grove residents, Anne Beasley, had a onetime union surgeon, staying on her property, apply for a U.S. Post office, calling it Cocoanut Grove, inspired by the ever present and famous palm trees of Miami. In 1919, after it was officially incorporated as a town, the “a” was dropped from Coconut Grove. In 1895 some members established the first coconut Grove Library and in the early 1900’s several wealthy visitors began to build the millionaires row, easily noticeable by some of the stunning homes constructed on almost acre sized lots on the scenic waterfront. Sure history has come a long way, but fortunately for the citizens of this luscious green community, the good spirit and neighbor like qualities of its people came with it.

The neighborhood is in between the perfect balance of a homey atmosphere and just the right addition of tourism. Coconut Grove is never clustered but always full of life, proud yet liberal, covered by canopies but bright, fresh and up lifting, above all safe. The neighbors smile at you when you walk the dog, they keep the streets clean and no one is sticking their noses in anyone else’s business. The help is there when you need it, and privacy is respected. Long time Coconut Grove resident and 2006 NBA Champion Alonzo Mourning claims, “ I expect the Grove to be a place where affluent people will want to gravitate. They’ll figure out ways to establish residence here because of our lack of state tax—people from the northern states can save eight to ten percent on taxes. Factor in the tropical environment and our great private schools, and this will always be a thriving community.” One of my personal favorite quotes about the grove comes from a press agent extraordinaire and local Miami legend Charlie Cinnamon, “Everyone here is doing important things somewhere, but nobody goes around acting like a big shot.” It’s a heartfelt and welcoming habitat in which the vibrations of its generous and gracious occupants are felt in the wind.isotretinoin online pharmacy

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