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Our advisory board is formed by a diverse professional base, of extremely successful business individuals. Whether they are family, friends, colleagues of partners, each member of our honorable Advisory Board is a true mentor that has helped us accomplish our goals. Furthermore each one is still working alongside us to provide unbiased opinions about the overall market, our industry and our practice. This guidance is continuously fueling us into reaching higher standards and achieving continued success. Honorary Chairman. isotretinoin overnight delivery Vice Co-Chairman. isotretinoin online pharmacy

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E-mail: jbrugo@axisrealtytrust.com

Mobile: 786-201 5135

Office: (305) 570-1697

Jorge has a 35 year background in real estate investment and development, and is the Owner and President of Axis Realty Trust, a real …

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Advisory Board

Office: 888-263-4345

Juan Carlos is a member of our Advisory Board. Having achieved one of fastest growing careers for a Latin American Corporate Executive, Juan Carlos has a solid …

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Born in Buenos Aires , Argentina , and with over 25 years experience in the world of integrated communications , Alejandro is now managing editor of one of the most sophisticated magazine aimed at the Hispanic world of the United States …

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Gustavo-Gambinobuy isotretinoin europe

Property Manager

E-mail: ggambino@axis-web.com

Office: 888-263-4345

Born in Buenos Aires, Gustavo moved to the Houston in the early 1990’s and from there to Miami. A successful international businessman and real estate executive, …

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Nicolas has over 20 years of extensive experience in commodity markets from Grains to Oil, Gas and Metals. He started his multinational career at Andre et Cie. S.A. in Lausanne, …

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